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Technology is going to affect the Fragrance industry.

The perfumer’s role has been changed nowadays. All of this is because of the artificial intelligence , that is, AI and some algorithms also. They have revolutionized the fragrance industry so much. But, as compared to other grooming industries like textile, fashion and makeup ,the fragrance industry is lagging behind in using technologies innovations. Perfume makers have to spend week sometimes even a year to get a new fragrance. They have to pippet out some oils and then have to wait until harmonizes. They have to try a lot to get the desired scents

as the single drop of oils can change the result and you will not get what you wanted. Now, thanks to the consumer’s ever increasing demand of new scents that forced the fragrance industries to use some technologies and invent something new. The last time fragrance industry has used something innovative was the synthetic materials through which they can invent New fragrances which was back in 19th century.

In April of this year, Givaudan, a major fragrance and flavour houses based in Switzerland, released an artificial intelligence-powered robot called Carto. Perfumers can interact with it through an interactive touch screen. They can choose the notes in it and then the Carto will blend the notes much faster than any human hand can not do.


This way the perfumers can make the desired fragrance in no time and easily.
“It allows us to experiment much more than we can today, to dose our formulas in the most performant way, and we, perfumers, bring the creative touch, the one most important part that can’t be replaced by any system,” says Calice Becker, perfumer and director of the Givaudan Perfumery School.

Now, the perfumers do not have to waste their time on consuming process in fragrance making like blending, dosing and measuring. This will be the work of the new robots running because of AI technology. Perfumer’s new work will be exploring the new ideas and to think about the new formulations through which new scents can be made. As the fragrance industry is growing rapidly the use of AI technology will save time and labour which is must needed step for any growing industry.

Reshaping jobs

Artificial intelligence (AI) have made it necessary to fulfill the computer oriented field.
If part of the work rather than the full creative work can be lightened up thanks to AI, so be it. We don’t have so many perfumers around to waste their time,” says Christophe Laudamiel, co-founder and master perfumer of boutique perfume company DREAMAIR.

Carto and perfumer’s are the best duo for any fragrance Industry but other technological innovations actually making things better. Carto uses smart algorithms to define some new frgarances and scents and it can do hundreds of calculations to check the best pattern available for a good scent. “Artificial intelligence is reshaping jobs and industries, not replacing them,” says Marion Costero, senior perfumer at Givaudan. These are certainly changing things. O Boticario a Brazilian company which is famous for it’s scents worldwide, has introduced world’s first ever artificial intelligence based perfume in the market Egeo On. It is made possible with the collaborations with Philyra.

“On the formulation side, a lot of things are basically following what’s successful. What comes out is tweaked to what the marketing department came up with when they did their research on what has high potential, or when they tried to clone something that’s doing very well. I

f we look at it from an AI and data science perspective, we see a lot of unexplored territories which has the potential for a much broader scope of fragrance,” says Duerinck, founder of Netherland-based company Scentronix. The Moto of this company is to bringing perfumery customisations not only for professionals but for consumers also. “Let them decide, Let them create” is what they all say to their costumers. He has done a lot of work which is appreciated across all the globe. Now he wants to give all the technology and opportunity to the perfumers and consumers.

The future of fragrance Industry seems to be very bright. We will see new perdes and scents and may get some new kind of fragrance as the Industry is in the hand of AI technology which is a right thing.…

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