Brand Focus: Bond No. 9, New York’s Finest Colognes

Who does not like scents? I do not think there is any person in this world who would not be liking scents. This has become an important part of our lifestyle. Whether we are getting ready for our office or going for a party, this is something we need to wear. This not only improves our personality but also makes us impress others.

bond 9

There are a lot of men who have a body odour problem and they need these finest body perfumes to get rid of their body odour and smell nice always. There are many movies too which have been made on the use of perfume and have showed that how intimate it can make a couple. Therefore, choosing a perfect body perfume is something that we always need to look out for.

New York has always been famous for the legendary perfume brands. Big Apple is one of the best brads from New York. The Bond No. 9 series from this brand, named after 9 Bond Street address, has a lot of amazing series of perfumes for men and women. They have captured the fragrance market of New York with their amazing essence of perfumes and their designer bottles.

Let us see some of the best mens cologne from this brand.

Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace for Him

The bottle itself designed in such a way that it wears a bowtie at its neck. This describes as the strong men wear bowtie so as they wear Bond no 9 fragrance which shows how gentle they are for ladies. With its amazingly astonishing fragrance, any women would want to be with you for long hours. The Bottle looks unique and iconic.

You can find a lot of notes in this perfume namely Bergamot, pineapple, juniper berry, blackcurrant, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, moss and musk. This can be the one of the best choice to gift the man you love, if he is gentle and loves peace.

Bond No. 9 Saks Fifth Avenue for Him

Saks fifth Avenue is one of the best flagship brand which also sells the Bond 9 series. The fragrance of this brand is so amazing that you can find aqua coolness at the top note and a very seductive fragrance at the base note.

The top note contains the notes black pepper and chilli which goes out very early. But the middle note has essence oils of Bergamot. And the last note or the base note contains amber and guaiac wood which lasts longer and makes it a seductive one.

So, if you want to go seductive with your loved ones then use this perfume and it’s a guarantee that you would really be able to seduce your better half with just a perfume.

Bond No. 9 Wall Street

Just go with the name “Wall Street”. You must have seen the movie named “The Wolf of Wall Street” starred Leonardo DiCaprio, a powerful man. The same is with the Bond No 9 Wall Street, it is made for the powerful man. The bottle itself shows how powerful this cologne and why it has made for? So, if you are a successful man and you have a powerful job then this perfume is made for you only.

The top note is soft and contains sea kale and cucumber notes. The middle note consists of lavender which is a bit soft and sweet one and the base note consists of ambergris, and vetiver which lasts for a longer time. The bottle is made in a signature style of bond and consists of golden accents.

Bond No. 9 New York Oud

Do you like fruity sweet smell? If yes, then it is the best choice for you. Once you spray it over your body the top notes come into action and you would get a sweet smell of Red plum and saffron. But as the time passes you would come to know that the base note contains woody essence oils.

This cologne is a perfect choice for men since every man likes the woody musk.

This Bond series is named as Oud because aquilaria trees are infected mold and the result that comes out is known as Oud.

Bond No. 9 Sutton Place

Classic is never too old. No don’t just think of classic music or movies; this classic perfume is best for you if you like classics. The bottle has prints of a reptile like structure painted in brown colour. The brown colour always gives a classic look and so does this perfume will give you a classic smell.

The base note is very powerful and contains patchouli, amber, musk, and of course, leather.

However, Bond No. 9 series contains more than 70 different colognes but we have narrowed down the list and pointed out the best for you. You can buy anyone of these and We guarantee that you would not regret your choice.


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