Brand Focus: Bond No. 9, New York’s Finest Colognes

Who does not like scents? I do not think there is any person in this world who would not be liking scents. This has become an important part of our lifestyle. Whether we are getting ready for our office or going for a party, this is something we need to wear. This not only improves our personality but also makes us impress others.

bond 9

There are a lot of men who have a body odour problem and they need these finest body perfumes to get rid of their body odour and smell nice always. There are many movies too which have been made on the use of perfume and have showed that how intimate it can make a couple. Therefore, choosing a perfect body perfume is something that we always need to look out for.

New York has always been famous for the legendary perfume brands. Big Apple is one of the best brads from New York. The Bond No. 9 series from this brand, named after 9 Bond Street address, has a lot of amazing series of perfumes for men and women. They have captured the fragrance market of New York with their amazing essence of perfumes and their designer bottles.

Let us see some of the best mens cologne from this brand.

Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace for Him

The bottle itself designed in such a way that it wears a bowtie at its neck. This describes as the strong men wear bowtie so as they wear Bond no 9 fragrance which shows how gentle they are for ladies. With its amazingly astonishing fragrance, any women would want to be with you for long hours. The Bottle looks unique and iconic.

You can find a lot of notes in this perfume namely Bergamot, pineapple, juniper berry, blackcurrant, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, moss and musk. This can be the one of the best choice to gift the man you love, if he is gentle and loves peace.

Bond No. 9 Saks Fifth Avenue for Him

Saks fifth Avenue is one of the best flagship brand which also sells the Bond 9 series. The fragrance of this brand is so amazing that you can find aqua coolness at the top note and a very seductive fragrance at the base note.

The top note contains the notes black pepper and chilli which goes out very early. But the middle note has essence oils of Bergamot. And the last note or the base note contains amber and guaiac wood which lasts longer and makes it a seductive one.

So, if you want to go seductive with your loved ones then use this perfume and it’s a guarantee that you would really be able to seduce your better half with just a perfume.

Bond No. 9 Wall Street

Just go with the name “Wall Street”. You must have seen the movie named “The Wolf of Wall Street” starred Leonardo DiCaprio, a powerful man. The same is with the Bond No 9 Wall Street, it is made for the powerful man. The bottle itself shows how powerful this cologne and why it has made for? So, if you are a successful man and you have a powerful job then this perfume is made for you only.

The top note is soft and contains sea kale and cucumber notes. The middle note consists of lavender which is a bit soft and sweet one and the base note consists of ambergris, and vetiver which lasts for a longer time. The bottle is made in a signature style of bond and consists of golden accents.

Bond No. 9 New York Oud

Do you like fruity sweet smell? If yes, then it is the best choice for you. Once you spray it over your body the top notes come into action and you would get a sweet smell of Red plum and saffron. But as the time passes you would come to know that the base note contains woody essence oils.

This cologne is a perfect choice for men since every man likes the woody musk.

This Bond series is named as Oud because aquilaria trees are infected mold and the result that comes out is known as Oud.

Bond No. 9 Sutton Place

Classic is never too old. No don’t just think of classic music or movies; this classic perfume is best for you if you like classics. The bottle has prints of a reptile like structure painted in brown colour. The brown colour always gives a classic look and so does this perfume will give you a classic smell.

The base note is very powerful and contains patchouli, amber, musk, and of course, leather.

However, Bond No. 9 series contains more than 70 different colognes but we have narrowed down the list and pointed out the best for you. You can buy anyone of these and We guarantee that you would not regret your choice.…

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Technology is going to affect the Fragrance industry.

The perfumer’s role has been changed nowadays. All of this is because of the artificial intelligence , that is, AI and some algorithms also. They have revolutionized the fragrance industry so much. But, as compared to other grooming industries like textile, fashion and makeup ,the fragrance industry is lagging behind in using technologies innovations. Perfume makers have to spend week sometimes even a year to get a new fragrance. They have to pippet out some oils and then have to wait until harmonizes. They have to try a lot to get the desired scents

as the single drop of oils can change the result and you will not get what you wanted. Now, thanks to the consumer’s ever increasing demand of new scents that forced the fragrance industries to use some technologies and invent something new. The last time fragrance industry has used something innovative was the synthetic materials through which they can invent New fragrances which was back in 19th century.

In April of this year, Givaudan, a major fragrance and flavour houses based in Switzerland, released an artificial intelligence-powered robot called Carto. Perfumers can interact with it through an interactive touch screen. They can choose the notes in it and then the Carto will blend the notes much faster than any human hand can not do.


This way the perfumers can make the desired fragrance in no time and easily.
“It allows us to experiment much more than we can today, to dose our formulas in the most performant way, and we, perfumers, bring the creative touch, the one most important part that can’t be replaced by any system,” says Calice Becker, perfumer and director of the Givaudan Perfumery School.

Now, the perfumers do not have to waste their time on consuming process in fragrance making like blending, dosing and measuring. This will be the work of the new robots running because of AI technology. Perfumer’s new work will be exploring the new ideas and to think about the new formulations through which new scents can be made. As the fragrance industry is growing rapidly the use of AI technology will save time and labour which is must needed step for any growing industry.

Reshaping jobs

Artificial intelligence (AI) have made it necessary to fulfill the computer oriented field.
If part of the work rather than the full creative work can be lightened up thanks to AI, so be it. We don’t have so many perfumers around to waste their time,” says Christophe Laudamiel, co-founder and master perfumer of boutique perfume company DREAMAIR.

Carto and perfumer’s are the best duo for any fragrance Industry but other technological innovations actually making things better. Carto uses smart algorithms to define some new frgarances and scents and it can do hundreds of calculations to check the best pattern available for a good scent. “Artificial intelligence is reshaping jobs and industries, not replacing them,” says Marion Costero, senior perfumer at Givaudan. These are certainly changing things. O Boticario a Brazilian company which is famous for it’s scents worldwide, has introduced world’s first ever artificial intelligence based perfume in the market Egeo On. It is made possible with the collaborations with Philyra.

“On the formulation side, a lot of things are basically following what’s successful. What comes out is tweaked to what the marketing department came up with when they did their research on what has high potential, or when they tried to clone something that’s doing very well. I

f we look at it from an AI and data science perspective, we see a lot of unexplored territories which has the potential for a much broader scope of fragrance,” says Duerinck, founder of Netherland-based company Scentronix. The Moto of this company is to bringing perfumery customisations not only for professionals but for consumers also. “Let them decide, Let them create” is what they all say to their costumers. He has done a lot of work which is appreciated across all the globe. Now he wants to give all the technology and opportunity to the perfumers and consumers.

The future of fragrance Industry seems to be very bright. We will see new perdes and scents and may get some new kind of fragrance as the Industry is in the hand of AI technology which is a right thing.…

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The Fragrance Trail – How to find your Perfect Perfume

Most people do not have a love for fragrances but use perfumes that match their personality and also their environment and surrounding. The memory of perfumes can be very strong even if the memory dates back to childhood or teenage years. Some smells are so much ingrained in our minds that when we smell it in a perfume it triggers a memory of a bygone era. People might forget the perfume they received from boyfriends in college, they might even forget the boyfriends but the memory of the smell remains. Some perfumes remind people of a childhood fragrance of probable to flowers on their grandparent’s farm and by fragrances that match those aromas. Some fragrances remind people of the advent of spring or monsoon and then people change with time and also start liking new fragrances.

The Fragrance Trail

The fragrance trail or its sillage is an aspect of perfumery that is very important in the industry. The fragrance trail is not about using so much perfume that it converts a theatre into a gas chamber or it is intrusive and overwhelming to people around. The fragrance trail is about a subtle note of fragrance that is present in the air. It is similar to the disturbance in the water left by a boat that has just passed or a vapor trail that is left behind by an airplane. The fragrance trail is a subtle note of perfume left behind for a few seconds. It does not last very long and as people start fixating on it, it simply disappears. The sillage of scent is more of an after effect or aura left behind of scent. It is not overwhelming but it is distinctive and can be felt by people that are around the perfume.



The fragrance trail leaves a memory in the mind of people. For example, if an aunt wears Chanel No. 5 every time, her memory is attached to the fragrance. If then the Chanel No. 5 fragrance is present in the air then it reminds us of that aunt. Perfumes and fragrances are long-lasting and some ingredients make it particularly tenacious. The strong notes of patchouli, vanilla, musk, amber, fruits, and flowers leave a long-lasting aroma in its wake. These are bold and tenacious and long-lasting fragrances which help in creating a distinct memory of the perfume.

Chemistry of Perfumes

Perfume making is an art as well as science. It involves a range of different natural ingredients, alcohols, essential oils, chemicals, and base fragrances. Some fragrances like lemon and bergamot evaporate quickly and are easily recognizable while others like chypre notes of musk and amber are more long-lasting and difficult to smell at once. Usually, perfumes are made using a combination of these ingredients.

Levels of Sillage

The level of sillage is different for every perfume. Some perfumes can be instantly recognized as a person passes by while others can only be recognized by putting it on the wrist and taking a whiff of the wrist. Some scents are so powerful that if a small spritz of the scent is used indoors, an hour later the sillage effect of the perfume remains. Dior Poison and YSL Opium have such an intense sillage effect. Parfums de peau or skin scents have the exact opposite sillage effect and are barely noticeable to other people. The ideal sillage for perfumers is the middle range sillage. The fragrance trail should be noticeable but not over the top. It depends on the perfume but also depends on how the perfume is worn, whether the skin is moisturized and also whether the perfume is applied in a dispersed fashion or a more concentrated fashion.


How to Understand the Level of Sillage

It is very difficult to personally understand our fragrance trail left in the wake. Using it in front of loved ones and asking them about their reaction to the perfume is a great way to ascertain sillage. Some people just simply raise their hand so that other people get a whiff of their underarms to determine the level of sillage. Spraying the fragrance in a room and then coming ten minutes later into the room to determine whether the aroma remains is also a good idea.
The above-mentioned details of the fragrance trail are important for people looking to buy new perfumes and are concerned about the fragrance trail or sillage of the perfume left behind.…

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Best New Men’s Fragrances – For Autumn Winter

Seasons play a critical role in deciding on the type of perfume to be worn by a man. Summery fresh and citrusy fragrances are a great choice for spring/summer months while warm, comforting and sexy fragrances are perfect for the winter. Fragrance wardrobe changes with the season not just for women but also for men. Some men like to use the same perfume for every occasion and every season. But there is absolutely no fun in that. The following are the best men’s fragrances for autumn/winter months for men:

David Beckham – Respect

David Beckham is a legendary football player and a style icon. His famous David Beckham Respect perfume for men has traditional musk fragrances and sweet yet spicy notes. It has fruity notes of grapefruit, watermelon and also spicy notes of pink pepper. This is a stylish and refined perfume for men and David Beckham has won many awards for his perfumes over the years.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave

Davidoff is a famous perfume brand for decades. The Cool Water Wave perfume is an ideal perfume for men in winter/autumn months and has been categorized as a woody aquatic perfume. It has fresh notes that are coupled with masculine and woody fragrances making it a top choice for men in the cooler months.


Coach For Men

Coach is a New York-based apparel company that is known for trendy clothes and also its collection of great perfumes. Coach for Men is a classic fragrance that is made by ingredients like bergamot, kumquat and nashi pear. There are woody notes to this fragrance and coriander adds a spicy note to this perfume making it perfect and earthy for the winter months.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura

Acqua di Parma is a Milanese perfume company which sells luxury perfumes that are expensive and well worth the cost. The Colonia Pura scent is a unisex perfume which has fresh citrus notes, aromatic coriander patchouli, and cedar notes and is a strong perfume that needs to be used sparingly by both men and women.

Issey Miyake L’eau Majeure D’issey

Woody and spicy fragrances are usually the top choices for autumn/winter months but a light fragrance of softer notes can also work well for many occasions. L’eau Majeure D’issey is an ideal fragrance for men and women as it has light fresh citrus notes of bergamot and grapefruit and also has a strong woody base to make it perfect for winter.

Prada L’Homme Intense

Prada is one of the best luxury brands on the planet and Prada L’Homme Intense is a great fragrance by Prada for this season. As the name suggests this is an intense and strong fragrance by Prada and has fragrance notes of tonka beans, leather, sandalwood and amber. This is a very masculine fragrance perfect for the winter.


Paco Rabanne Pure XS

Pure XS by Paco Rabanne is a remixed version of a 1990s fragrance. This is a very spicy perfume with hints of ginger and thyme which give a masculine and comforting note for the winter months. There are notes of cedar and liquor in this fragrance and it is a sensual and warming fragrance in the autumn and winter months.

Gentleman Givenchy

Gentleman Givenchy is a great updated fragrance by the famous fashion brand Givenchy. This is a very powerful fragrance and also balances the power with a hint of sweetness making it a top choice in perfumes for men. It has notes of pear and cardamom and the base of the fragrance is made by using patchouli and black vanilla.

Calvin Klein Obsessed For Men

Calvin Klein Obsessed For Men is a special fragrance by Calvin Klein. It is an updated version of a classic Calvin Klein fragrance called Obsession. The new fragrance is much spicier than its predecessor and has rich woody and chypre notes to it. It includes fragrance notes like dark vanilla, cedar leaves, firnat and also labdanum.

Tom Ford Anthracite Noir

Tome Ford’s Anthracite Noir is a chypre fragrance and is part of the Private Blend collection by Tom Ford. This is a masculine scent with bold fragrances and is ideal for wintery cold months. It has ground citrus notes with a masculine base note of oakmoss. Bergamot, sandalwood, and ginger make it a strong citrus and spice scent for the autumn/winter months.…

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